"What they're saying "

“I suffer from Spinal Stenosis, at times I could not even manage a flight of stairs … I have been taking the “wonder” chocolates for about one year … right away I felt relief and continued to do so. It was not long that I felt myself walking better and even skipping. This Summer I hiked up a mountain with my daughter, something I hadn’t been able to do for years. My whole body feels better and I am happier because of that. … It changed my life

“The only thing that is negative about the Tumeries is now I am able to shovel snow again :-) ”


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Shoulder, back, elbow, and knee pain would occasionally sideline a weekend of golf, snowboarding, archery, or even raking the leaves. A friend suggested incorporating turmeric into my diet for it's anti-inflammatory properties, and I started taking Tom and Jerry's Chocolates. After two weeks, the aches and pains were noticeably reduced. 

After a month of taking them, I decided to stop for a month and see if the pain came back. It did. I have now been taking one a day for over a year, and I haven't missed a single round of golf. The tendonitis I got every fall from archery did not reoccur this year.


As an unexpected bonus, my cholesterol/HDL ratio was in the standard range for the first time ever, with no other changes in diet or exercise. 



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“I experienced knee pain when doing simple activities such as doing laundry & housework. Bending down to pick up an armful of laundry was particularly painful, it made me cringe.”

"For me the question was simple  'why wouldn't I try them ?' "

“I feel like my brain seems sharper. I’m more confident taking on challenging assignments at work. I feel healthier and I no longer feel any pain when doing laundry, squatting down to pick up a handful of clothes is not an issue any more.”

“This has had a direct impact on the quality of my life. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more aware of the importance of taking care of my health. I’ve been doing Hot Yoga & workouts for quite a while but it was not until after I started taking Chocolate Tumeries that I saw big improvement.”


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“I’ve been dealing with lower back pain and shoulder pain for many years due to a weightlifting history.

I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in pain levels; this has allowed me to work out harder with no ill effects.  As an added benefit I get to enjoy eating chocolate every day for health reasons! Eat them first thing in the morning (my opinion) and be consistent!


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” I had a spinal fusion over 40 years ago and now have chronic back issues. I've been a nurse since 1984 and although I love my job the long days are beginning to take their toll. I work 10 hour days and despite daily stretching, I was finding myself taking more and more Motrin. I work in GI and have seen many bleeding ulcers caused by NSAIDS and I did not want to be one of those people! I started taking Jerry's chocolate "tumeries" about 7 months ago. I hardly ever take Motrin anymore.

At first, I wasn't sure if it was just a placebo effect. I was feeling better but I wasn't 100% convinced it was from the turmeric. Then I went on vacation for a week and forgot my chocolates. I couldn't believe how quickly my pain came back. I'm now a true believer.

The amount of turmeric in one chocolate is impressive. Each chocolate has 2.5 grams of turmeric the typical capsule of turmeric you buy in the store is 500mg. That means you would have to take 5 capsules for every one chocolate! I'm so glad to have found this product!”


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My knees & lower back & Sciatica (L4, L5-S1) had me in severe pain, just walking around the house was almost impossible. Sitting and standing was just as difficult. I thought I would never walk or exercise without a cane again"

They have been absolutely amazing. I have been able to delay multiple surgeries and I have been able to work out in my home 5 days a week, 20 minutes a day (no weights), light cardio and along wth a modified diet I have lost some pounds also !


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