“What They’re Saying” Kathleen K

Name: Kathleen Kelley

Age Group:

  • 40-60


  • Female

Reason for taking Tom & Jerry’s Chocolate Tumeries:

  • Back Pain
    • Spinal Fusion 40 years ago, choric issues

    Could you describe what life was like before you got started with Tom & Jerry’s Chocolate Tumeries? (Symptoms, family history, etc.)

    I had a spinal fusion over 40 years ago and now have chronic back issues. 

    What were your goals when you started?

    I've been a nurse since 1984 and although I love my job the long days are beginning to take their toll. I work 10 hour days and despite daily stretching, I was finding myself taking more and more Motrin. I work in GI and have seen many bleeding ulcers caused by NSAIDS and I did not want to be one of those people!

    When & how do you take the each day?

    I take one regular sized Chocolate Tumerie a day

    How long have you been taking them?

    About 7 months

    How would you describe the effect they have had on your health? Any stories you would like to pass along

    At first, I wasn't sure if it was just a placebo effect. I was feeling better but I wasn't 100% convinced it was from the turmeric. Then I went on vacation for a week and forgot my chocolates. I couldn't believe how quickly my pain came back. I'm now a true believer.  

    What advice would you give to folks just starting out or thinking about getting started? Any additional comments?

    The amount of turmeric in one chocolate is impressive. Each chocolate has 2.5 grams of turmeric the typical capsule of turmeric you buy in the store is 500mg. That means you would have to take 5 capsules for every one chocolate ! I'm so glad to have found this product !


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