Tom & Jerry's "Chunky" Chocolate Tumeries - 3 Month Supply (3 boxes)

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Tom & Jerry's "Chunky" Chocolate Tumeries is the same as our standard Chocolate Tumeries in that they provide people with western dietary customs with an attractive way to consistently incorporate the remarkable health benefits of Turmeric into their daily diet. They're different in that they are a 'double dose' size.

Some customers with acute conditions (severe joint pain) found themselves doubling up on thier daily Chocolate Tumeries for additional relief so we introduced the Chunky Chocolate Tumerie. Each serving reminds us of eating one of the original bite sized Nestle Chunky bars (I'm showing my age).

By ordering a three month subscription of Chunky Chocolate Tumeries, you will receive three boxes of chocolate shipped together in an efficient manner. We have customers with joint pain claim that a few months of Chocolate Tumeries proved to be game changers for them.

One Chunky Chocolate Tumerie is recommended per day; each Chunky Chocolate Tumerie contains approx. 1.5 teaspoons (approx 6 grams) of the highest quality Turmeric available along with a special blend of bio-enhancers (Black Pepper, Quercetin, Coconut & Cocoa oil) that maximize your bodies ability to absorb Turmeric and maximize the health benefits of the Turmeric.