Consistent, daily consumption of Turmeric is a game changer !


Tom & Jerrys Health Food has embraced the 66 day habit forming model described below to make it easy as possible for you to improve your health by consistently adding Turmeric to your daily diet. Our subscription model is designed to ensure that you will have a consistent supply of Chocolate Tumeries arrive just when you need them. Being a chocolate nugget (70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate) it tastes great and is real easy to have with your morning coffee or whenever s convenient for you. 

Your health is hugely dependent on living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is the sum total of all the various parts of your life, these parts can be thought of as your habits.

Sounds great, but what really is a habit? Some think that if you can engage in a task for 21 continuous days,  that this can now be thought of as a habit. Recent research has shed light on what it takes for us to really form a habit. 

In his book “The Power of Habit,” Charles Duhigg, claims that habits are not born, but created. Every bad, good is the direct result of a pattern he calls a “habit loop.”Image result for habit

This “habit loop” is a three-part process.

  • The first step is the trigger that tells your brain to let a certain behavior unfold.
    • Hey, I have a family history of Alzheimer's/Cancer/Arthritis etc. and should do something about it.
  • The second step is the behavior itself, or the routine it creates.
    • Daily Turmeric supplements like Tom & Jerry's Chococlate Tumeries look like a great way to make sure I'm doing all I can 'just in case'. 
  • The third step is the reward that is important reinforcement and helps us get to the point where the behavior switches to autopilot mode and becomes a habit.
    • I don't even think about eating a Chocolate Tumerie with my morning coffee anymore, its just what I do.

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In a study released in the European Journal of Social Psychology, Phillippa Lally and her team of researchers surveyed 96 people over a 12-week period to find exactly how long it takes to start a new habit.

Over the 12 weeks, the participants chose a new habit and reported each day how automatic the behavior felt. At the end of the period, Lally analyzed the results and found the average time it took for the participants to pick up a new habit was 66 days.