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Incorporating Turmeric into your daily diet can have a positive impact on the lowering of your LDL cholesterol levels, specifically Lp(a), lower triglyerides and may even help raise HDL cholesterol levels without risking the potential side effects of taking Statins

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Curcumin comprises about 3-5% of Turmeric, is responsible for its color attributes and has been the subject of a tremendous amount of recent research in the past few decades. At one point Curcumin was thought to be the sole source of all of Turmerics health benefits. While very beneficial, there are many other compounds in Turmeric which make it one of natures true superfoods and provide it with such superpowers.  Unlike the Non-FDA approved Turmeric/Curcumin Supplements you may find in the Turmeric supplement section of your local health store (which are typically various forms of isolated synthetic compounds) Tom & Jerry's Chocolate Tumeries...

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